I am a scientist, at my core, given that one of my core values is truth. Science is simply a method for determining the truth of an idea, and I would love to see more of this in organizational coaching as it grows as a field.

So, I was excited to see this article in my daily scan of scientific news! Not only that, but it was done at an organization that I feel connected to personally through my coaching certificate cohort, which is always nice.

Introducing team mindfulness and considering its safeguard role against conflict transformation and social undermining

This is a fascinating study that looked at how team mindfulness affects multiple factors in an organization, including task-related and interpersonal conflict, and how those contribute to other factors such as social undermining. They validated a new tool for measuring team mindfulness, which is a great new tool for coaches to use if they are interested in measuring the outcome of their work. My favourite part of journal articles is often the discussion of the limitations of the study, and this article left me more than satisfied that the researchers had thoroughly contemplated their research methods approach.

There’s a great summary of the researcher here, if you’d like to read more.

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