Photo by Andrea Wooles
Maggie Coles-Lyster

Instagram: @maggiecoleslyster

Track Cyclist for the Canadian National Team
Road Cyclist for DNA Pro Cycling

Ambassador for Global Relay – Bridge the Gap

Maggie Coles-Lyster

Maggie is a passionate and talented Canadian National Team cyclist on the road and the track who is aiming at three Olympic Games. She is also a college student, a yoga instructor, a Global Relay Bridge the Gap ambassador, and a personal training student.

With so many interests and balls in the air, Maggie wanted to make sure that the training she does now leads her in the direction she wants to go after her cycling career is finished. How did all of her interests, financial opportunities, and goals line up over the long-term?

Primary Focus of Coaching

Develop a decision-making process

Prioritze her interests and see how they fit into her timeline. The outcome was set to be a visual timeline with her athletic, work, and school goals and steps to reach them mapped out.

Coaching Tools Used

  • Systems mapping
  • Clifton Strengths assessment of character strengths
  • Timeline exercise

Client Feedback

What progress did you make towards your goal(s) in this coaching engagement?
“I got right to the end goal that I set at the beginning of the coaching process – seeing a timeline of how the next ten years will look, where the different pieces I want to achieve in life with my athletic goals, work goals and school goals fit and how they compliment each other now to reduce the constant feeling of overwhelm and chaos that I was experiencing.”

What was the most valuable thing you learned?
“The most valuable thing I learned was the skills needed to figure out how all of the different pieces I have going on in my life fit together, and how to use the online tools that can help me visually see all of these different pieces in front of me, group them together and finally prioritize them.”

What did you appreciate most about the coach?
“I really appreciate Andrea’s ability to guide me to the answers without telling me what to do. Her expertise, warmth, openness and passion for people’s journeys and goals is so apparent and just makes the hour long sessions fun and pass way too fast!”

How did the coaching process work for you?
“The coaching process was 4 sessions, beginning with establishing the goals I wanted to achieve by the end of it. We then worked with some online mapping platforms to draw out and organize everything I have going on and from there build a timeline. As a very visual person this worked really well for me.”

Overall satisfaction with the coaching experience

How would you describe coaching?
“The most raw way I would describe this coaching is the coaching you didn’t realize you needed until you feel the enormous impact it has on your lifestyle, future and the way you approach goals and priorities. Whatever the question or goal you start the coaching process with, the process helps you find the answer, with guidance and equips you with the tools to address similar questions or problems in the future.”