Kathy Gilchrist has been on the Scottish Cycling board since 2011 and has recently served as Chair. She was elected to the British Cycling board as the Scottish Cycling Nominated Director in 2018.

She has worked at three Olympic Games; as a Team Liaison in Rio in 2016 and at London 2012, and as the Assistant Infield Manager for the track at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

Kathy Gilchrist

This client was a busy professional who was the volunteer Chair of the Board of Directors for a not-for-profit organization. We undertook a series of six coaching sessions, one every two weeks for a three month period.

Since our coaching engagement, she has since been elected to the Board of Directors of British Cycling where she is the Chair of the Integrity Committee. She has been invited to serve on the British Cycling Events Board, and the 2023 UCI World Championships Sport Advisory Group.

Primary Focus of Coaching

Develop leadership skills

Identify a role model to learn from. Improve management techniques.

Creative problem solving

Learn problem solving strategies. Become proactive rather than reactive.

Improve time management skills

Learn now ways to address priorities at work and personal life.

Coaching Tools Used

Client Feedback

Progress: Developing leadership skills
“At the start of the coaching, I was seeking tools to make me a better Chair. I had a major strategy meeting to run, which was over two days. The work done with Andrea gave me renewed confidence to run the meeting.”

Progress: Improving time management skills
“Work done identifying my strengths was insightful and very accurate. With a goal of utilizing my time more efficiently, one of my action planning tools was to focus on objectives of a meeting – to make sure each meeting has a purpose and an action item. I am putting this into practice with every meeting.”

Progress: Creative problem solving
“Knowing the one of my strengths is relating to people, I find myself empowered to speak with all kinds of people including the media. I had to give an impromptu “good luck” speech, and found it came naturally to me.”

What was the most valuable take-away from coaching?
“Finding out my strengths, but more importantly how to utilize those strengths (still a work in progress).”

What did you appreciate most about the coach?
“Her ability to listen and reflect and reframe the discussion towards a positive conclusion. I had a few “lightbulb” moments! Andrea’s enthusiasm towards coaching was contagious. I looked forward to our meetings.”

What did you appreciate most about yourself?
“That it’s ok to take time for yourself. I feel that I am just beginning a process of understanding how to use my strengths. It feels like a beginning for me.”

Overall satisfaction with the coaching experience
“5/5. It is great to take something theoretical, put it to practical use and get a positive result. Andrea was a great coach.”