Who are you outside of your sport or work? What’s important to you other than your race or business goals? What are your strengths, your values, your supports? What’s next for you?

Take a step back from your focus on performance, and make sure you’ve got your feet on solid ground. You will find that you can reach higher when your footing is secure.

Understanding yourself and your needs will form the foundation for improved communication, teamwork, and leadership.


Coaching for everything other than your sport.

Coaches & Executives

Work on finding your leadership style, building your communication techniques, and getting the best out of yourself and your athletes or staff.

Teams & Organizations

Even if everyone is performing at their best, the team may not be. Find out what happens when they all work together and pull in the same direction.

What is coaching?

Simply put, it’s a structured conversation, rather than a chat.

It’s like the difference between going out for a bike ride or going training. Going out for a ride is just for fun – you don’t know where you’re going, how long you’ll be out, and your only goal is enjoyment. When you go training, you know the goal before you set out, you know how long you’ll ride, what efforts you’ll do, and what the purpose is.

Going for a ride is like a chat with a friend – who knows where the conversation might end up! Coaching is like a training ride – you’ll set the goal, we’ll talk about the purpose, what the impact will be, and then we’ll explore your topic within a set time.