Get your team working together to solve the real issues you face. Your unique answer to your specific needs is waiting.

Looking to improve your team’s effectiveness, performance, culture or something else? Tired of pre-packaged “solutions” that don’t address your unique setup and needs? Want to use valid tools to figure out where your team stands now and what progress is being made?

We will work with you to help figure out what your questions are, possible ways to address them, and an evidence-based process we could follow.


Team Effectiveness

Working on tasks in the same department doesn’t necessarily make people a team. Have a look “below the waterline” to address the structure of your team, the group dynamics, the interpersonal communication skills and intrapersonal values – these will have a long-lasting impact on creating team culture and bringing people together. If you wish, we could use the “Team Diagnostic Survey” to assess and monitor your team – it is validated for use in organizations and research.

Positive Culture & Psychological Safety

High levels of psychological safety have been shown to perform better on almost any metric or key performance indicator. It is a critical predictor of how your team will perform. A psychologically safe environment is one where people feel safe to speak up, and feel that they can take risks and make mistakes without it being held against them – this enables team performance, innovation, learning, and success. If you’d like to create a positive and innovative culture in your team or organization, addressing psychological safety could be a way forward. If you’re interested, we could use the “Fearless Organization Scan” to look at your current situation and design a process based on the results.

Emotional Intelligence

Delve into Trait Emotional Intelligence with Thomson International’s TEIQue Questionnaire. We will explore your team members’ perceptions of their own emotions as well as how they approach the emotions of others and work with them to enhance and develop their traits.

What else?

The options for topics in team and organizational coaching are endless. What differentiates it from other services is the ability to figure out what is going to have the biggest long-term positive impact on your specific situation – let’s figure out what question to ask, before we offer potential answers.

Let’s build something great together.


It is hard to capture the essence or value of someone as well-rounded as Andrea in just a couple of catchphrases. Having the privilege to engage with somebody that has the ability to connect on a personal level but also has a broad knowledge and experience base is truly a rare entity. Knowing first-hand how she impacted world-class athletes, coaches and executes to provide value and help get the most out of people leaves me absolutely confident in recommending her as a coach as she embarks on this new route with Beyond the Podium. Andrea has grown her roots into the fabric of Cycling Canada, Cycling GB and others and those roots will keep sprouting for years to come. Thank you for everything Andrea.

Jesse Korf, Director of Performance Pathways, Australian Cycling