“Andrea Wooles is responsible for a very positive change in my career and I write to enthusiastically recommend her Executive Coaching services.

I am a professor at a flagship university in the United States. Three years ago my college was reorganized and the newly created departments evolved in unpredicted ways. The result was that I found myself without any undergraduate courses to teach. While reduced teaching load may seem like a dream, I enjoy teaching and have relied on students from my classrooms coming to work in my lab. Consequently, the lack of teaching was a loss, in and of itself, and had the potential to compromise my research productivity as well. Indeed, I was looking for positions at other universities where I might have a more active teaching role.

Without really knowing what to expect, I reached out to Andrea for her executive coaching services. She initially spent a long time listening to me and prompting me with questions. After gleaning all she could of the situation she made several specific recommendations. I implemented her suggestions with smashing success; starting in the Fall of 2019 I will be offering an elective course that I expect to draw students from across campus. In fact, two departments have already declared it an approved elective for their undergraduate programs. I am very optimistic some of these students will be fascinated with the course material and ultimately want to do research in my lab, thus giving new life to my research agenda.”